Everybody has his own expectation or challenge regarding his individual fitness or weightloss goals.
It might be the loss of bodyfat, the tonification of muscles, to build muscles, to build strength, to eliminate back problems.
Some are interested in a quick and hard power course to get fit fort he summer. „Operation Bikini“ Others are just looking for an easy, quick and healthy way to stay in shape without becomming a real fitness junkie.
20minutes EMS-Bodyforming instead of hours and hours in a classical Gym.

Therefore we have made it our mission to lead every customer to his own personal training goal. Your personal guide decides together with you on a long term goal and will adjuts your training sessions, the programms, the excercises and the EMS Frequencies to your personal needs.
When you start, your body’s proportion of fat and muscle mass is determined through a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). Furthermore the perimeter of certain body regions are measured. We will check them with your regulary and support you with training & nutrion advices.

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